Video Game is one the many faces of technology. Video games is one of the recreation activities that people rely on to ease their mind after maybe, a long day of work or when one want to just entertain himself or herself. With this fact in the minds of innovators and technologists, many new games have emerged to fulfill this need. Through competition, better and best video games are available, some at a fee and some free of charge. Are you a new owner of a shiny Android phone? Android increases the over performance of your smart phone and you are in the best position to download the best gaming applications on to your phone. Plenty of apps are available in Google Play store. Despite the plethora of games in the Google Play store, you need to be informed in order to choose the best games apps that will give you the amusement you deserve. With the availability of Android accessories, playing a game on the smart phone is never the same again. Here are some of mind throbbing video games available in the Android market. The video gaming list is incomplete without “All Angry Birds”. This is one such exciting game that you cannot afford to miss. The game has number of versions and levels, where every single stage is superbly constructed that engages the player easily. Among all the version, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry birds Space are the top applications that are downloaded to its peak value. These are the best versions that are out in the market. Just be aware of them as you may spend all your day playing the games on your smart phone. It is one of the best games available that tests the intelligence of the player. This requires the player to have skills and logic to overcome the obstacles presented in the game at each level. Secondly, Words with Friends is another perceptive game that you can wind up on using your smart phone. The game is best suitable for those who would like to have fun while they learn. With a look similar to that of a scrabble on your Android smart phone, you can play up to twenty games concurrently with notifications that show the number of turns. Another important feature of the game is the addition of different players by connecting to internet. All Angry Birds also offer a chart option as the players play. The next gaming application we will talk about is Shoot Bubbles Deluxe. The game is very interesting and a player requires to pair 3 bubbles of similar color to burst them out. Though initial levels of the game are very easy, they tend to increase slowly as you move forward to the next level. The game can be played either in the arcade mode or in the puzzle mode. Drag Race gaming application is another app that can be downloaded onto your android run smart phone. This game gives the player an option of choosing the car of his or her choice among the 50+ choice at your disposal. Performance of the car can be increased by purchasing upgrades available in different sections. This kind of game will sharpen the player’s skills and ability to solve different problems in the course. A player can use Android accessories such as the headphone, that eliminates the cause of disturbance for other members. Phantom Breaker is a 2D game that has gained good popularity within a short period of time. The game is a losing battle, which gives you the motivation to play the game until you win. Video games have evolved to be the best application available for any individual and their performance increases with the right kind of Android mobile accessories in hand.